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Company history

ROLSTAL Pawłowski is a family company founded by Janusz Pawłowski over 30 years ago. The company is a manufacturer of steel structures and equipment for animal breeding facilities. It has two production plants - in Ostrow Mazowiecki and Wyszków. It sells its products throughout the country and exports them abroad, mainly to Scandinavia, Baltics, Austria and Germany. ROLSTAL is also a trading company. It offers for customers in the local market metallurgical products and provides steel service.

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Marcin Pawłowski
Prezes Zarządu


1989 - starting a business in the sale of metallurgical products with its seat in Ostrow Mazowiecka, 29 Różańska Street;

1992enlarging the warehouse of metallurgical products and starting own truck transport;

1993 – launching services for customers in the field of sheet metal cutting and bending;

1994 – launch of minor locksmith and welding services​​​​​​​;

1995 – purchase of a production hall and establishment of the first fencing production department;

1996 – implementation of machines for longitudinal trapezoidal folding of roofing sheets;

1997 – commencement of production of equipment for cattle and pig breeding, including manure scrapers;

1998 – starting the production of steel hall constructions, construction of the first free-stall cowshed in Poland;

1999 – establishment of the department for production of stainless and acid-resistant steel equipment​​​​​​​;

2000change of the company location due to the construction of the city bypass and moving the headquarters to Różańska 45 Street;

2001Construction of a steel structure welding hall and a steel structure for flour silos weighing 1500 tons for Interchemall;

2002 – beginning of production of equipment for horse breeding​​​​​​​;

2003 – implementation of an integrated ERP-class information system;

2004 – purchase of real estate in Wyszków at Przemysłowa 3 and establishment of ROLSTAL branch in Wyszków;

2005 – starting the sale of metallurgical products and production of specialized trailer structures in the branch office in Wyszków;

2006 – implementation of CNC machines for pipe cutting and bending and a welding robot​​​​​​​;

2007 extension of the production hall for the preparation of steel structures;

2008 – implementation of CNC machines for prefabrication of steel structures and shot blasting;

2009 – IBDiM certificate for bridge construction and SLV authorization;

2011 - certification of the quality system in terms of the full quality requirements for welding metal materials in accordance with PN-EN ISO 3834-2;

2012 - certification of quality system in the scope of technical regulations for execution of steel load-bearing structures according to PN-EN ISO 1090-2;

2013 - implementation of an IT system of CRM class;

2015 - implementation of a CNC machine for spatial bending and rolling of tubes and profiles;

2016 - implementation of a 3D laser for tubes and sections and a CNC drilling machine for rolled profiles​​​​​​​;

2017 - implementation of 2D laser for sheet metal​​​​​​​;

2018 - construction of a production hall for prefabrication of steel structures;

2019 - implementation of 2D laser for tubes and profiles;

2020 - implementation of 3D plasma for sheet metal;

2021 - creation of an upper secondary school with vocational education​​​​​​​.