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Company history


  • 1989 - start of a business in the sales of steel products,  based in Ostrów Mazowiecka on Różańska Street No. 29;
  • 1992 – increase of steel products storage and start of own trucking services;
  • 1993 – new services for Clients: steel sheets cutting and bending;
  • 1994 – small metalworking and welding services added;
  • 1995 – purchase of a production hall and the creation of the first Fencing Production Department;
  • 1996 – purchase of machinery for the trapezoidal roofing sheets manufacturing;
  • 1997 – start of production of equipment for cattle and pig farms, including manure scrapers;
  • 1998 – start of production of steel building construction, the first free-stalls cowshed in Poland built;
  • 1999 – establishment of production department for devices made of high-grade stainless steel and acid resistant steel;
  • 2000 – change of the location of the company because of the construction of ring road of the city and the transfer of the seat to Różańska Street No. 45;
  • 2001 – construction of a large hall for welding of steel structures, steel structure for flour silos, weighing 1,500 tons, built for the company INTERCHEMALL;
  • 2002 – beginning of production facilities for horses;
  • 2003 – implementation of integrated business management system based on Macrologic IT solutions;
  • 2004 – purchase of a property in Wyszków, Przemysłowa Street No. 3, and creation of a Rolstal company branch in Wyszków;
  • 2005 – sales of steel products and specialized semitrailers production launched in the branch in Wyszków;
  • 2006 – implementation of modern CNC machines for steel sheets cutting, tube bending and welding automation;
  • 2007 – construction of a large production hall for prefabrication of steel structures;
  • 2008 – implementation of modern CNC machines for prefabrication of steel structures and shot-blasting;
  • 2009 – twentieth anniversary of the company, an IBDiM certificate of bridges construction and SLV permissions obtained;
  • 2011 – implementation of production management system PN/EN ISO 3834;
  • 2012 – implementation of the quality system of the technical performance by load-bearing steel structures BS EN ISO 1090-2.